Alternative Feeds

Thompsons provide a comprehensive range of quality assured Alternative Feeds that provide traceability and performance. Many of the alternative feeds which have always been available to farmers in England, Wales and Scotland are now available to Northern Ireland farmers through Thompsons.

Our large range of moist feeds includes Vitagold, the high protein, high energy distillery product and C*Traffordgold, the high energy, starch and protein feed from the moist wheat milling industry. Both products have been used very successfully by dairy and beef farmers in Northern Ireland, and like Brewers’ Grains, continue to offer cost savings and palatability benefits of moist feed when compared with conventional alternatives. Our range also includes high energy biscuit blends, bread and high dry matter/energy moist feed blends.

For further details on product availability and price,
please contact the trading desk on 028 9035 4622.

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