A Pioneering Approach - From The Inside Out.

In the 1870’s John Thompson’s grocers shop embarked on a journey that now sees Thompsons as the largest multi-species feed mill in Europe. With an approach to business that has ensured the company survived everything from a bombing in the ‘blitz’ in 1940 to various acquisitions and a turbulent marketplace, it is no surprise that Thompsons became known as the ‘Pioneers of Better Feedingstuffs’.

With over 100 years’ experience feeding the animals of Ireland Thompsons know what they are doing. From the early days in Donegall Quay to the present location on the York Road Belfast, there have been many ups and downs, but one thing still remains the same, Thompsons’ ability to adapt. Change is not always welcome but at Thompsons it has been embraced as a way of bringing together different ideas, talents and strengths. Innovation is at the heart of this market leading feed mill ensuring that it can evolve with an agricultural industry that has had its fair share of changes over more than a century. As ‘Pioneers of Better Feedingstuffs’ all those years ago, Thompsons are still dedicated to finding innovative ways of ensuring all animals reach their true potential from the inside out.

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