Horse Feeds

The New Pegus Product Range available at a merchant near you.

NEW!! Pegus Horse Health Cube, a first for horse feed now available in Northern Ireland. A low starch feed made from heat stabilised rice bran, ensures that slow release energy is available to support growth in youngstock and performance in competition horses. For more information on this exciting new product contact Allison on; 07894 295 844 or Declan on; 07710 883 088.

Have you got your Pegus Loyalty Card yet? Ask at your local merchant how you can get a free bag of Pegus every time you buy 15 bags. Or for more information contact Allison on; 07894 295 844

Stable CubesOil 4% Protein 11% Fibre 15%
This is a new nut with a high fibre content. They can be fed to provide maintenance and are ideal for store horses, kids ponies, old horses and horses not in work.

Pegus Cool Mix Lite – Oil 4% Protein 12.5% Fibre 10.5%
A specially formulated low molassed, oat-free mix with a blend of grains and fibres. Offering a lower sugar index this mix will provide a slower release of energy for the excitable competition horse or pony.

Pegus Hunter and Pony Cubes - Oil 4% Protein 10.5% Fibre 12%
These cubes are specially designed to give horses and ponies all the necessary protein, energy, fibre, cereals, vitamins and minerals that they need. These cubes are a good all-rounder.

Triple E Cubes - Oil 3.5% Protein14% Fibre 11%
Triple E is designed to be fed to mares and stallions and is specifically formulated to achieve optimum breeding performance. It has been designed to ensure good breeding results as well as good prenatal foal formation and growth. Suitable for; Brood mares, stallions, youngstock, foals, yearlings and 2 year olds.

Pegus High Performance Coarse Mix - Oil 3.5% Protein 13% Fibre 9%
Formulated to provide an increase in protein, with all the palatability of Pegus Cool Mix. The cooking process enhances the digestibility and energy value of this mix. Pegus vitamin and mineral pellets ensure the horse receives a fully balanced diet at all times. This product is excellent for both performance and conditioning.

For a complete dietary analysis using Pegus PC Horse go to and submit the nutritional support form.

For full details of the Pegus supplements available through Equiform Ltd. Tel; 00353 1627 7093 or Declan Cullen on; 00447710 883 088

If you would like further information on the range of Pegus Horse Feed available from Thompsons contact Allison Matthews on; 07894 295 844